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Apply by April 30,2020.  Be Safe, Be Smart, Be Seen

         Brandon Michael Sorrell was a very admirable young man who had many strong attributes.  Brandon loved to work on his cars and the cars of friends.  He was forever working on car stereos or fixing someone’s small engine, whether it was an ATV or a lawnmower.  Brandon took great pleasure in helping others and found much happiness in giving to others.  Though Brandon had a very trying life he never let it get him down.  When Brandon was very young he had to witness his families struggle with ongoing surgeries to battle a disorder that causes tumors to grow throughout their body, a few years later Brandon was also diagnosed with this disorder.  Most recently he had to watch his grandmother fight for her life in one of these surgeries.  This type of drama could squash anyone’s attitude and dreams.  However, Brandon never let this get him down.  He strived to be better than the disease.  He always strived to pick himself and those around him up and demanded that everyone dust themselves off and move on.  If you are not smiling you are not living.  Brandon has been known for telling his close friends to “put your big girl panties on and move on.”

         This type of attitude is what helped Brandon to get through high school and strive for college.  This being said Brandon was not a book worm as he really did not like academics.  He knew that what he did in the next four years after high school would determine what he could buy and do in the following forty years.  For this reason he had chosen to go to college for Auto Technology at SUNY Canton.

         Brandon had a very large heart.  He would give to the less fortunate every chance he could.  He would volunteer to help others through the Kiwanis, food drives, holiday family adoptions, and holiday food baskets.  These qualities are what we want to keep alive through the Brandon Sorrell Memorial Scholarship.  This scholarship is designed to help those who show a need and show a desire to help others whenever possible.  We believe in the pay it forward philosophy and hope that the individuals who will be awarded this scholarship will in their lives also pay it forward to someone less fortunate and keep Brandon’s memories alive.


Mission of the Brandon Sorrell Memorial Foundation

To inspire lifelong learning, advance knowledge, and strengthen our communities, through scholarships and Pedestrian safety.

Vision Statement:

Our vision is for a community with skilled individuals that is safe and free of Pedestrian fatalities.  

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