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More songs by Amelia for Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian Safety

  • Obey all traffic signs and signals
  • Stop, and look left, right and left again before entering a roadway
  • Never run into the street; always cross at the crosswalk or corner.
  • When crossing at an intersection, pedestrians should check for vehicles turning the corner.
  • Always walk on the sidewalk. If there are no sidewalks, pedestrians should walk facing traffic.
  • Make eye contact with drivers of stopped vehicles to be sure they are aware that you are crossing the street.
The majority of pedestrian deaths occur in dark or twilight conditions and at locations other than intersections, where vehicle speeds may be higher and where drivers do not expect to have to stop.

Be Safe, Be Smart,
Be Seen

Wearing bright colored clothing or retro-reflective material when walking/running at dusk or at night makes pedestrians more visible.

“Remember our Angels & Protect your Angels”

For more information on Pamphlets, Safety T-shirts and bookmarks for your events contact us through the contact page

Walk on the Sidewalk

  • Stay on the sidewalk and crosswalks.  Avoid walking in traffic where there are no sidewalks or crosswalks. If you have to walk on a road that does not have sidewalks; walk facing traffic.

Cross at Intersections

  • Most people are hit by cars when they cross the road at places other than intersections.
  • At intersections where there are traffic lights wait until the light straight ahead turns green, or until WALK is illuminated. Pedestrians already in the street should continue walking and complete the crossing.
  • If it takes you longer than normal to cross the street, or if it is a particularly wide thoroughfare, always wait for a walk signal.

Look Left, Right, and Left for Traffic

  • Stop at the curb and look left, right, and left again for traffic. Stopping at the curb signals drivers that you intend to cross. Cross in marked crosswalks and obey the signal.

See and Be Seen

  • Drivers need to see you to avoid you.
  • Stay out of the driver’s blind spot.
  • Make eye contact with drivers when crossing busy streets.
  • Wear bright colors or reflective clothing if you are walking near traffic at night.
  • Carry a flashlight when walking in the dark 
Von Hippel-Lindau this has always been an area that was close to Brandon's heart.

New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law Section 1156
Always walk against traffic and ride with traffic.  Be safe where bright colors and always use side walks when they are available.

Pictures of T-Shirts we have available.  We have several reflective items also.  Please contact us for information.  Also, some pics of young adults using the shirts.
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